Eddie R. Cole | Scholarship
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Select Publications

Books and Articles


Cole, E. R. The Campus Color Line: College Presidents and the Struggle for Black Freedom (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press). Order here.


Cole, E. R. Race at the Top: Historical Insights on the College Presidency and Racial Inequities. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 52(2), 17-21.


Cole, E. R. College Presidents and Black Student Protests: A Historical Perspective on the Image of Racial Inclusion and the Reality of Exclusion. Peabody Journal of Education. 93(1), 78-89.


Cole, E. R., & Harper, S. R. Race and Rhetoric. An Analysis of College Presidents’ Statements on Campus Racial Incidents. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 10(4), 318-333.

Book Chapters


Cole, E.R. Words of action: The speeches of President Alfonso Elder and the North Carolina Student Movement, 1960-1964. In D. Danns, M. Purdy, & C. Span (Eds.), Using Past as Prologue: Contemporary Perspectives on African American Educational History. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.

Teachers College Record book review noted that this chapter “adds a necessary voice to the story of African American education that is instructive in shaping the future of the presence and significance of HBCUs.”