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This weekend I will head to Washington, D.C. to attend the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association. I am honored to participate in multiple upcoming sessions with some of the nation’s most thoughtful scholars.
American Educational Research Association, Washington D.C., The University of Arkansas, Higher Education
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17 Jul South Africa Trip Highlights Global Higher Education Issues

In 2015, I taught a global studies course that exposes future educators, scholars and counselors about what it means – in a global context – to be a leader in higher education. I previously led a research project about the faculty teaching practices in Canada, the U.S., and South Africa, so when W&M asked me to lead one of the global studies trips, I jumped at the chance to build upon our previous work and travel to South Africa. I led a group of five students, over the course of two weeks, through visits to four universities in Cape Town and Stellenbosch.
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